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Noxary 280 B Stock Sale

The remaining 280 kits from batch 1 will be sold via FCFS on the 26th of November at 5PM ET.

None of these are A-stock like the group buy, so there will be a small discount on each kit due to the various defects. The position and size of imperfections was considered when deciding the price, so a small mark on the bottom wouldn't be as bad as a small mark on the top.

As a reminder, A-stock price for the cases (top, bottom, and weight) was $365. The listed price will be inclusive of the discount. Plates and PCBs are required, and must be added to your cart in the same order. There is a hard limit of 1 PCB per kit.

Please note: These kits are sold with defects. Whilst the pictures cover the majority of external defects, there may still be additional defects that aren't visible in these images. The included weights will also not be A-stock, however the plates & PCBs are. Refunds will not be available for any defects or imperfections found on any part of the kit.

All imperfections are fairly self explanatory however please see below for further comments. These are not a conclusive list of issues, however a general guideline.

  • #1 - Small mark below nav cluster; splotchy anodizing on sides & bottom; fingermarks & scuffs in clear weight coating; tiny dent on back side.
  • #2 - large semi-circle outline dark spot above arrow keys; medium to large dark spots on bottom; small scuffs in clear weight coating.
  • #3 - various small to medium dark spots on top piece; medium to large dark spots on bottom; medium scuffs in clear weight coating.
  • #4 - snapped exposed screw in top piece (should be removable with the correct tools); slight banding (dark stripe) on sides of bottom piece.

To purchase, please fill the linked form. You will be invoiced via Shopify.