Carbon negative from March 2020.

Historical carbon emissions removed by June 2020.


It is nearly impossible to calculate carbon emissions of a custom keyboard kit accurately, especially when finding data on just CNC machining is largely unreported. The case isn’t helped as the primary manufacturer Noxary uses is unable to calculate their emissions.This means an estimation has to be made on that figure using appropriate sources.

Laptops were chosen as the most similar product due to a few key similarities - general dimensions; printed circuit boards; machined aluminum shells; and a working keyboard. It was also chosen due to the large amount of detailed reporting on the subject by large, reliable companies. Due to the estimation approach required, it helps that a lot of components in a laptop are not present in a keyboard, such as the battery, cooling parts, screen, and storage devices. This means the chosen figure will be a large overestimation, which isn’t a bad thing when offsetting carbon emissions.

The two chosen sources are:

  • Apple - 13-inch MacBook Air with Retina display
    • 135.52kg from Production*
  • Microsoft Surface Pro 3
    • 138kg from Production*

Based on these figures, Noxary initially chose 125kg of carbon emissions per full keyboard kit** as the appropriate number.

However, due to not being able to calculate accurately, and to double down on the commitment, the figure will be doubled to 250kg per full keyboard kit.


Supplier to Noxary - This route is covered by FedEx, which reports their carbon emissions annually. This data can be used to calculate the impact by Noxary, and then be offset retrospectively.

Noxary to Customer - Two companies are used for this route. Royal Mail also reports their annual emissions, like FedEx, which can be offset afterwards. DHL Express has their own service, GoGreen, which allows the shipper to offset emissions as part of the shipment price.


* Production includes the extraction, preparation, and transportation of raw materials, as well as the manufacturing and assembly of all parts.

** A full keyboard kit requires switches, stabilizers, keycaps, and a cable to be fully functional.