Shipping for in-stock items is currently disabled until January 2022

Frequently Asked Questions


How can I change the address on my order?

Please reply to the order confirmation email with your full new address.

Can I modify my existing order?

Reply to the order confirmation email with what you'd like to change, please be specific. Your order will be adjusted and you'll receive a confirmation email. Please note this can only be done within 60 days.

Can I transfer my order to another person?

Orders are non-transferable. You may change the shipping address on your order, and sell your order yourself. Noxary is not responsible for any problems with transactions.

Can I cancel my order?

Preorders cannot be cancelled. Orders with only in stock items may be cancelled until the order has had the shipping label generated.

When will my order ship?

Preorders have to be manufactured first, and then will be shipped to you. Please check the preorder information on the product, and check the Monthly Updates.

Orders with only in stock items are usually shipped within 7 days.


When will you update on x?

Monthly Updates on all projects are posted at the start of the month.

Are the preorders FCFS, raffle, or another method?

All Noxary preorders are First Come First Serve.

Will you have extras for x project?

Usually 10% extra is ordered to fulfill the preorder with A-stock, the extra will be sold once the preorder is completely fulfilled, and the extras will most likely be B-stock.

Will you do another round of x project?

If the demand is high, yes.

When will x preorder start?

Please follow the Monthly Updates and follow progress on the Noxary Discord server by visiting #role-request to receive a notification on each update.

I want to produce my own plate, where can I find the files?

Plate files can be found on the Resources page here.

What do the names of each keyboard mean?

A specific naming structure is used to keep all Noxary releases identifiable at a glance, you can read more on the Nomenclature page here.