Product History

X60 V2

The Noxary DUAL V2 Mount uses custom o-ring shaped strips. They sit both above and below the plate, around the perimeter, to perfectly emulate two large diameter o-rings. The unique shape of the strips enable precise control over plate movement, creating a unique sound & feel.


Compared to existing ergo options, the distance between the two halves is increased ~150%, whilst the alpha tilt is decreased from 12 degrees to 8. Along with the Noxary LEDGE, which lowers the front height, the typing comfort is improved greatly.


The bottom row features 1.5 - 1 - 1.5 caps on each side, with a 2.75u spacebar on the left, and 2.25u on the right. The 2.75u can be split into 1.75 - 1u, and the 2.25u into 1 - 1.25u. The traditional options of full or split Backspace, and regular or stepped Caps Lock remain.


The design is unmistakably Noxary - a low front & clean side profile. The DUAL V2 Mount is designed not only to produce a unique typing experience, but also to hide any screws on the outside. The front corners made by tilting the alphas have been curved too. These four elements combined creates the signature aesthetic.


The PCB is designed by Gondolindrim, and has been kept simple. Switches must be soldered as this provides the best overall typing experience, and there are no in-switch LEDs. The physical layout options have been kept to a minimum, and can be fully programmed through VIA firmware. A USB-C daughterboard is centrally located between the two alpha halves.